Joel Karty knows that students become more fluent in organic chemistry—understanding both molecular structures and reactions—by focusing on mechanisms. The Third Edition introduces new videos that help every student succeed at visualizing and mastering complex mechanisms. We have developed over 80 videos on elementary steps, mechanisms, and important skills in organic chemistry that are specifically designed to counter common student misconceptions and are meant to be inclusive of all students.

Here is a list of sample videos that can currently be accessed on our Digital Resources page:

  1. Strategies for Success: Molecular Modeling Kits and Chair Flips (Chapter 4)
  2. Strategies for Success: Drawing Chair Conformations of Cyclohexane Using a Modeling Kit (Chapter 4)
  3. Mechanism Drawing: Keto-to-Enol/Enol-to-Keto Tautomerization under Basic Conditions (Chapter 7)
  4. Mechanism Drawing: Keto-to-Enol/Enol-to-Keto Tautomerization under Acidic Conditions (Chapter 7)
  5. Elementary Step: Proton Transfer (Chapter 7)

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