Whether you’re a new adopter, have been using the book since the first edition, or are just curious about the approach, Joel Karty answers the most frequently asked questions.

How far should I get by the end of the first semester? What should my pace be?

How much time should I spend on Chapters 1-4, and what are the major things I should make sure my students know from those chapters?

How can/should I treat nomenclature?

How much should I emphasize free energy diagrams and charge stability in Chapter 6?

Must I teach Chapter 7? How much is too much or too little in that chapter?

Why is Chapter 9 devoted only to the SN1/SN2/E1/E2 competition?

Is it important to emphasize reversibility and kintetic vs thermodynamic control in Chapter 9?

Can I move aspects of Chapter 13 (the first chapter devoted to synthesis strategies) earlier? How early can/should I move multistep synthesis?

How can I get my students to perform their best with synthesis? Taking advantage of the appendices.

Should I use Smartwork5? How can I get my students to benefit the most from it?