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MCAT-2015 is Here

The new year traditionally brings a time for both reflection and looking forward. For teachers of organic chemistry everywhere, this past year stands out more than most. After years of planning, MCAT-2015 is finally upon us. I previously wrote about the challenges and opportunities this change holds for us and how we, at Middlebury College,

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Six Things Students Should Be Able to Do upon Completing Chapter 7, and One Thing They Shouldn’t

In my previous post, I described how happy I’ve been with my students’ ability to process the relatively complex interplay between kinetics and thermodynamics to understand the outcome of a competing set of chemical reactions. The specific example I gave involved the competition between transesterification and the Claisen condensation reaction, and that got me thinking

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My Three Favorite Words (to Hear from a Student)

A week ago, one of my students sent me this in an email: “I have a question for you: when an ester and an alkoxide anion are together in a problem, how do we know if a transesterification or a Claisen condensation will take place? Is it just that if the alkoxide anion is the

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