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Teaching Solvent Effects Early Helps Keep Students’ Heads From Spinning

We started Chapter 9 in class a couple weeks ago, where we learn how to predict the outcome of the SN1/SN2/E1/E2 competition. Similar to how it’s done in most books, we do this by first learning about the major factors that influence the rate of each reaction in this competition. But unlike other books, this

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Solving the IR Puzzle

My three year old son recently has shown interest in solving puzzles. He dumps the pieces on the floor and randomly clicks them together until he finds a match. This is often the same approach that students take to problem solving in organic chemistry. To help my students work more systematically, I introduce IR early

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Intermolecular Attractions and Solubility: A Classroom Demonstration For A Difficult Topic

An understanding of solubility, melting points, and boiling points based on intermolecular attractions, or intermolecular forces (IMF), is critical in academic research as well as industrial work. For example, I know that the following facts: Methylene chloride is a better solvent for the extraction of the products of LAH reductions than diethyl ether. Stearic acid

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