What Will Organic Chemistry Look Like in Fall 2021?

In Fall 2021, students will be asked to return to in-person learning. After a lonely and stressful year, I am thrilled about this. I have missed my students dearly, as I love interacting with them in the classroom. Undeniably, the pandemic became especially hard on students’ learning by separating them from their peers and instructors, … Continue reading What Will Organic Chemistry Look Like in Fall 2021?

Teaching Online: How to Beat the COVID Blues

Here at Columbus State University (CSU), I am teaching 1 online section of 56 students this fall. I have found that the flipped classroom is immensely helpful for myself and my students. Although online teaching and flipping the classroom can have their own set of challenges, I have found a renewed spirit and vigor for … Continue reading Teaching Online: How to Beat the COVID Blues

COVID-19 & Continuing Instruction

In lieu of recent events, my colleague and I will continue to concurrently teach our “flipped classroom.” The flipped classroom enables instructors to designate time during class for facilitating directed problem-solving sessions and activities with undergraduate students. The Organic Chemistry curricula will utilize online lecture videos, active reading assignments, and interactive projects. The unique features … Continue reading COVID-19 & Continuing Instruction

Eliminating Preconceived Fears

Organic chemistry has always been the course you would hear rumors about “breaking students” or “crushing students’ medical-field dreams.” This preconceived fear creates a learning barrier for students before they even enter the classroom. I’ve personally known good students with great potential who’ve given up on their future careers just because of organic chemistry. Our … Continue reading Eliminating Preconceived Fears