Month: December 2015

Are you interested in learning more?

We are hosting a virtual workshop with Joel January 29th at 1pm EST. If you’re interested in participating, please contact Stacy Loyal at

Happy Holidays!

Another semester of teaching the mechanism is over! Last year, Rick Bunt of Middlebury College wrote this festive end-of-the-semester song for his students (sung to the tune of “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer”). It’s so good we thought we’d post it again! You’ve had Spanish and Bio And History and Calc, Physics and Econ And Poly Sci

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Using Lab Reports to Reinforce the Mechanism

My students learn organic chemistry in a mechanistically organized course and I want to make sure they really understand how the mechanisms apply to reactions that are synthetically useful. There are many approaches that I use to reinforce their learning such as quizzes, practice problems, and SmartWork assignments. I previously talked about why I am

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No More Fearing Alkenes and Alkynes

Since this is the second year I am using Joel’s text, I was sure that I would be comfortable with the syllabus and schedule I set. But I again became nervous as I approached Chapter 11, “Electrophilic Addition to Nonpolar Pi Bonds.” Years of slogging through additions to alkenes and alkynes, working example after example

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