Month: January 2016

Are Mechanisms Just for Chemistry Majors?

Like many chemists, I am not much help to the biology, biomedical, and medical students that come to my office with queries ranging from anatomy to physiology. Though a prerequisite for my degree, biology was never a true passion of mine. Likewise, many biology majors despise chemistry. In fact, a number of the biology majors

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It’s My Favorite Time of the Year! Chapters 6 and 7

It’s my favorite time of the year. Finally, we get to do chemistry in organic chemistry! Not to malign BDE, IMF, chair vs. boat conformations, etc., but I have always thought of the stuff leading up to this point—strains and conformers, the designation of stereochemistry and the terms and rules associated with their nomenclature—a bit

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An Easy Transition into the Second Semester

Every year I struggle with the same question: How do I transition students into the second semester of organic chemistry? In the first semester, my students learn how to study chemistry from a mechanistic point of view in order to understand reactions rather than memorize them. After learning the basic elementary steps that make up most

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