Month: December 2012

The Benefits of a Mechanistically Organized Book When Teaching a 2-cycle Approach

Two-cycle organic chemistry is a pedagogical approach that has gained in popularity over the last couple decades. It’s a rather simple idea: The first semester course is treated as something of a survey, dealing primarily with the fundamentals, whereas the second semester revisits many of the same topics from the first semester, but treating them

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R,S Nomenclature: Help or Hindrance in Teaching Configurational Isomerism?

I have spent the last eleven years integrating configurational isomerism with the Cahn-Ingold-Prelog system of R,S nomenclature. This was influenced by my textbook that (like nearly every textbook) introduces R,S nomenclature early in the chapter devoted to this class of isomers. Primarily, though, my approach is derived from the opening vignette that I use in

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