To Change or Not to Change?

Before the beginning of each semester, I ask, “Am I making significant changes in this course?” Usually, the answer is “Nope. No big changes this time around.” Because of the number of courses I may have to prepare, job demands outside of teaching, and/or teaching an additional course due to staffing issues, a tweak to … Continue reading To Change or Not to Change?

Is Organizing by Mechanism Necessarily “Higher Level”?

Because organizing by mechanism really helped me turn around my own organic chemistry course, I was eager to share what I had learned. Many instructors I’ve talked to over the years have been very receptive; some have even adopted this organization themselves. But I’ve encountered a good amount of apprehension as well. Some instructors worry … Continue reading Is Organizing by Mechanism Necessarily “Higher Level”?

A Story Worth Telling

I have been teaching organic chemistry at Jefferson Community & Technical College (JCTC) in Louisville (KT) since 1994. Although we are an open-enrollment institution, with a class size of thirty students or less, the chemistry classes at JCTC resemble those at a small liberal-arts college. I met Joel Karty in 2005 at a conference. We … Continue reading A Story Worth Telling